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15 Civilians Injured in Shelling Attacks in Damascus

Feb ,5 \NewNewss

Seven civilians were injured in shelling attacks carried out by armed groups on Harasta residential suburb and Esh al-Warwar neighborhood on Sunday.

A source at Damascus Countryside Police Command said that armed groups positioned in Eastern Ghouta fired three rocket shells on Harasta suburb, which resulted in injuring seven civilians and causing material damages.

Armed groups also fired two rocket shells on Esh al-Warwar neighborhood in Barzeh area, causing material damages to properties, a source at Damascus Police Command said.

Later, another shelling attack on Mezzah, near al-Jala’a sports city, left eight citizens injured.

Syrian News Agency reported that the Syrian Arab Army responded to the attacks by targeting with precise strikes the areas from which the shells were fired, destroying mortar launchers and inflicting losses upon the armed groups.

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