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2 civilians killed in 17 Saudi airstrikes on Yemen over Friday

2 civilians killed in 17 Saudi airstrikes on Yemen over Friday

Jan ,12 \NewNewss

Two Yemeni civilians were killed when the Saudi-led coalition conducted airstrikes, artillery shells and missiles on several governorates over the past 24 hours, a local official told NewNewss on Friday.

In the northern governorate of Saada, two civilians were killed in three airstrikes that targeted tents of travelling shepherds in Akwan area of Safra district.

To continue with Saada, the warplanes launched a strike on Majaz district, another one hit Aal-Sobhan of Baqem district, and five additional airstrikes rocked Aal Abu-jabara valley and Farea area of Kutaf district.

Meanwhile, the west regions of Munbah bordering district were targeted by the Saudi artillery and missile shelling.

In the northwest governorate of Hajjah, the fighter jets of the the Saudi-led alliance launched a strike on Mostaba district.

In Bayda governorate, some 268 km southeast of the capital Sana’a, an airstrike struck Shabakat-Nadea mountain.

In the capital Sana’a, the warplanes waged two strikes on the Public Infrastructure Works building in Shoaub district, resulting in heavy damage to the nearby houses.

In the central governorate of Taiz, the Saudi fighter jets launched two airstrikes on Haifan district.

In the bordering governorate of Asir, the Saudi-led coalition waged a strike on Mazaja area.

Finally, in Jizan bordering governorate, the Apache helicopters fired 31 rockets on Hamedha and Qamar villages.

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