After Houthis ballistic threat, residents prepare for possible missile strike

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Yemen’s vow to strike UAE military base on Socotra Island with ballistic missiles that could potentially be longer range missile, has this island in the cross hairs and its 44,000 residents in 2004 official statistic, most of whom are Yemenis live under the UAE occupation forces, on edge.

“I mean, obviously for me, because I love my island , it’s really welcomed,” said local resident on social media.

That welcome was underscored by local authorities in the island last May, when the Yemeni authority for the conservation of historic places called on UNESCO to protect the archipelago of Socotra from “dredging ” by occupying UAE forces.

An official from Socotra’s Environment Agency said last May ” Very large [swathes of] land have been occupied by the Emiratis. This is a violation of the laws of the state, the protectorates and the protection of the coast,”.

Since then and Yemen’s Sana’a forces have been fighting the UAE occupations in South Yemen as well as Saudi militants, but when the the UAE announced via its Sky News media outlet it would prefer joining Socotra to its territory, that provoked all Yemenis amid calls to fight the forces in Aden and leave Yemen.

Where is Socotra and why would Sana’a attack it?

The island -named others as paradise- Socotra, is an island 300km off the coast of Yemen in the Gulf of Aden, was known until recently for its dragon’s blood trees, white beaches and unique flora and fauna which earned it the title of UNESCO world heritage site in 2008.

Today, it is at the centre of a power struggle between occupation forces and its local citizens who refuse to the UAE invaders presence on their lands.

Residents and occupation forces offered a range of opinions, from resignation and complacency to anxiety and fear. But, more than anything, residents said they felt happy with it as it will lead to free their land from occupation calling Sana’a authorities and Supreme Leader to free their land.

Yemen’s threat: UAE has not commented

On Saturday, in response to a threats by Yemeni Army And Popular Committees, UAE’s official state-run news agency, has not commented yet.

But it is used to deny any threat, though Yemen army has fired a ballistic missile toward a nuclear plant in Abu Dhabi last December.

Senior officials at Yemen Ministry of Defense has “examining the operational plan” to strike areas around Socotra with medium-range ballistic missiles.

The source didn’t say when will it be fired, but military sources say that UAE is expecting a missile to be fired at Abu Dhabi.

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