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2 Yemeni civilians injured in 19 Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, attacks on Yemen during one day

Jan , 15\ NewNewss

Two civilians (a child and a woman) were critically injured in 19 Saudi-led alliance airstrikes, ground attacks on Yemeni provinces over the last 24 hours, according to reports combined by NewNewss on Monday.

In the northern province of Saada, a woman was seriously injured when the enemy missile force hit Manbah district. A girl was injured in Al-Azqoul district of Suhar by a cluster bomb from the remnants of the air raids.

“Many of the areas of Saada province were bombarded with cluster bombs, many of which did not explode unless touched what constitutes a threat to the lives of citizens” reporter said.

Meanwhile, the coalition warplane waged a strike on Akwan area in al- Safraa district and four airstrikes on Maran area in Haidan district.

The enemy combat aircrafts also launched two airstrikes on residents’ homes at Ned-Thami area in Manbah district.

Also in Kutaf district of Saada, another air raid hit the house of a citizen, four air strikes on al-Boqa area and two more others on Sawh area.

Meanwhile, missile and artillery shelling fired several areas in border district of Razeh.

In southwestern province of Taiz, the warplane waged a strike on Jahmaliah area.

In central province of Marib, two air strikes hit Serwah district.

In Amran province, about 50 km from the capital Sanaa, the Saudi warplanes waged two airstrikes on Aswad mountain in Harf-Sofian.

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