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9 Saudi soldiers sniped in Jizan, Najran, Asir

Jan ,20 \NewNewss

Yemeni army and popular committees on Friday launched military operations, including artillery, and snipping attacks, snipping nine Saudi soldiers in Jizan, Najran , and Asir border provinces, a military official told NewNewss.

Six Saudi soldiers were sniped behind Hamedhah village and sites of Shabakah and Faridhah in Jizan, and two in Zur censorship in Najran, and another was shot down in Majazh military site of Asir.

Meanwhile, artillery force of the army and popular committees shelled Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Nahuqah and Sudais sites in Najran, and numbers of enemy’s soldiers were killed and injured in Abadiah and Swadiah in Jizan

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