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51 Saudi-led alliance air strikes hit Yemen over 24 hour

Feb,11 \NewNewss

The Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes have launched more than 51 strikes on several provinces of Yemen during the past 24 hours, according to reports combined by NewNewss on Sunday.

In Saada province, three civilians’ cars were destroyed in an air strike that targeted Aal-Ali area in Razeh border district.

Also in Saada, the warplanes of aggression waged six strikes on Dhahir district, four air strikes on Taibah-Asm and Faraa areas in Kutaf district, and 19 airstrikes were waged on Mudaba and Thaban areas of Baqem district and on Majaza of Asir.

Meanwhile, artillery and missile force of Saudi aggression shelled several areas of Razeh district and the areas of Aal-Shaikh and Aal-Muqnea of Munabeh district, killing dozens of sheep.

In the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, the fighter jet launched a strike on Hodeidah airport.
In Yemen province of Jawf, five airstrikes were launched on Khub-washaaf district.

In Hajjah province, the warplanes launched nine strikes on Haradh and Medi districts.

In Saana province, three airstrikes hit Nehm district.

In Saudi border province of Najran, the Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes waged three strikes on Talaa site.

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