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9 Yemeni civilians killed, 9 injured in 25 airstrikes in one day

9 Yemeni civilians killed, 9 injured in 25 airstrikes in one day

Jan , 4 \NewNewss

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes intensify wages on the republic provinces during the past 24 hours, as it wages 25 air strikes resulting in deaths and wounding 18 citizens, and a military officials told NewNewss on Thursday.

In the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, nine civilians were killed and others nine injured during six raids on a restaurant in Zabid district.

Also in Hodidah province, the warplanes launched two rids on Jerahi district.

In capital Sanaa, the fighter jets carried out two airstrikes on Nahdeen mountain, while four airstrikes targeted the district of Nehm.

In the northern province of Saada, the aggression warplanes waged two airstrikes on Asawh and Adhiaq areas of Kutaf border district.

Meanwhile, residents’ houses and farms in Saada province was shelled by Saudi missiles and artillery shells in several areas of Shada border district, causing Material losses.

In province of Jawf, four airstrikes targeted Mahamesha area in of Khub-Washaaf district.

In the border province of Asir, the warplanes launched four strikes on Majazh and Raboaa areas.

In addition, one airstrike waged on Talaa site of the border province of Najran.

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