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Saudi Using Army of Online Trolls to Spew Hatred, Sectarianism against Iran

Feb , 2\ NewNewss

 Social media networks with their billions of users have made their way to the heart of political and ideological clashes, providing a deep-reaching platform that some leaders and regimes tend to use in a rather propagandistic manner.

Mix this desire with an unlimited amount of money and you will arrive at a dangerous concoction of technology and mind control techniques that will allow you to force your ideology upon people without really lifting a finger.

This is what Saudi Arabia has done in a never-ending push to forward its ideological agenda through spreading sectarian sentiments.

Marc Owen Jones, a Research Fellow at the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University, has discovered hundreds of Twitter bots that the oil-rich Riyadh regime has been using to sway people’s minds about the reality of regional crises in the Middle East region.

In an article on his personal blog, Jones argues that repressive regime like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have used social media to prevent the spread of uncensored information about themselves

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