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The Heavy Losses , Saudi Troops and Their Fighters Sustained in The First Week of 2018 in Yemen

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Yemeni army soldiers, backed by allied fighters from the Popular Committees destroyed 27 military vehicles which belong to the Saudi-led coalition , sniping 24 Saudi soldiers as well the Yemeni air defense forces had intercepted and shot down a twin-engine and multi-role Panavia Tornado combat aircraft belonging to the Saudi-led military alliance over Kitaf wa al-Boqe’e district in the country’s northwestern mountainous province of Sa’ada during the first week of 2018. 

Unamed military source said in the first week of this year ,the Yemeni popular committees have achieved great victories in retaliation for the Riyadh regime’s deadly military campaign against the crisis-hit country. They sustained heavy losses in lives and munitions .

He clarified that , the Yemeni air defenses units and fighters from the Popular Committees intercepted and shot down Tornado combat aircraft . Also, the sniping unit of the popular committees killed 24 Saudi soldiers and 37 mercenaries .

Additionally, the Yemeni forces carried out 34 bombardment operations in different fronts ,and launched a ballistic missiles including short range missile , Zelzal-1 , two Zelzal-2 and Qahir against gatherings of Saudi paid fighters .

As the source mention, the Yemeni joint forces carried out 19 military attacks as well as foiled 9 infiltration for the coalition forces. Moreover, they burned two armories ,destroyed 21 military vehicles , five armored vehicles and tank in the first week of 2018 .

At least 13,600 people have been killed since the onset of Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Yemen in 2015. Much of the Arabian Peninsula country’s infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and factories, has been reduced to rubble due to the war.



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