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Turkey Sets up New Passageway at Border with Syria as Countdown Starts for Attack on Kurds

Jan ,15\ NewNewss

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that the Turkish army has removed two large cement blocks of the buffer wall that separates Afrin in Northern Syria from Bakour region in Balbaleh and replaced them with a metal-made bullet-proof passageway with walls that are as high as 3 meters.

Hawar news further said that the passageway is between the villages of Balia and Marjouq in Bakour, adding that military vehicles can easily move over the passageway that is 6 meters wide.

Field sources reported Sunday that the Turkish Army forwarded a large volume of military hardware to the border with Syrian amid intensifying attacks on the SDF by the Ankara forces and their militant allies in the town of Afrin in Aleppo province.

The sources said that the Turkish army sent a military column, including five tanks, to the town of Reihanli in Hatay province at the border with Syria under strict security measures.

In the meantime, Kurdish sources pointed to the heavy fighting between the Kurdish fighters and the Turkish army and said that the Turkish units targeted Qara Baba and Jisr Hashrakiyeh regions and the village of Ferferkeh in Rajo region in Afrin.

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