Yemeni Missile Forces Model

Jan ,16\ NewNewss

Written by/ Abdullah Hajar

With the entry of the third year of the Saudi Arabia US aggression against Yemeni people , I wonder how criminal the Saudi_US coalition is throughout three years and how they become well equipped to kell and besiege Yemeni People.

Despite all the coalition, which gathered from all sides of this collusive world of the Arabs and other western countries and despite all the equipment of weapons, which consider as the latest weapons in the world from the Bradley fighting vehicle and the Abrams tank to the latest missiles, bombs and modern aircraft, however, The Yemeni people had a unique and historic attitude that would be written with gold water. This attitude is based on A holy Qura’an verse which said ” Those to whom the people said: Surely men have gathered against you, therefore fear them, but this increased their faith, and they said: Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector”. (Al-Imran, verse 173)

Thus, Allah “God” is the source of our dependence which cause the Yemeni Steadfastness against the unfair aggression.On the top of that, today our situation is very different and we start to threaten the enemy in its own land and blow up those latest weapons that are the proudest industries of American and England. Today, too , the air defense is modeling the missile force and both forces are advancing and accelerating at an unprecedented pace and there are many choices that Yemenis forces may carry out if the aggression continues. It is about the Regional and International Waters cut that the President of the Supreme Political Council talked about when he met the Deputy UN envoy for Yemen in which he said “No ship will be allowed to cross through our waters as long as the Yemeni people die of starvation,”

Subsequently, this is the last thing that we can do since we are besieged and killed day and night by the Suadi_UAE_US aggression.


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